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A Tiny Chihuahua’s Condition After Grooming Service

Tiny Chihuahua

Local news shocked us all when they reported that a couple in Florida had sent their tiny Chihuahua for grooming, and received her badly injured.

Apparently, it’s the dog groomer who is responsible. “She’s everything to me and it’s been dreadful, it’s been very painful,” said owner Mo McGowan.

Over the weekend, the 3-year-old tiny chihuahua was being groomed by Honey Pets Mobile Grooming Service. But, when they finished grooming Lemon, McGowan said it was clear something was wrong.

“Her eyes were blood red shot; she also had blood coming out of her nose,” said McGowan.

What Happened to the Tiny Chihuahua?

They immediately took Lemon to Leader Animal Hospital in Cooper City, where veterinarians looked her over and confirmed she had corneal ulcers, most commonly caused by trauma to the eye.

“If a dog or a cat are otherwise healthy and then all of the sudden have these kinds of signs, it is possible that trauma could have caused this,” said Dr. Jason Horgan from Leader Animal Hospital.

Sedated and prescribed multiple medications, Lemon was allowed to go home. But she was brought back in for more vet exams on Monday and Tuesday, costing the McGowans thousands of dollars.

Gloria Arango is the owner of honey pets. She told Local 10 News the groomer who worked on Lemon that day has now been fired. She also plans to help pay for the dog’s medical expenses after re-training her groomers.

“I understand the frustration of the owner because I have dogs also. We deal with doggies all of the time, and I know they’re part of the family,” said Arango. “I’m here to be the face, to be responsible for the issue and to make the correction, to handle the situation, and it doesn’t happen again.”

So, be careful, folks. Grooming services aren’t worth it if you don’t know who’s behind it.

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