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Ao and Mono: Viral Chihuahuas That We Love

Ao & Mono

Getting viral on the internet isn’t quite hard. All you need is one of the following: be cute, give people a show, or take your icon status up a notch. Ao and Mono, two tiny Chihuahuas that have become viral online have all three.

The lovely Chihuahuas have taken the internet by a storm, ever since they were discovered by different dog-loving platforms. Between their short white, black and brown furs, wide eyes, and tiny paws to die for, Ao and Mono are two inseparable pups.

They share everything, and we love them for it. If you scroll past their social media (yes, they do have a famous Instagram account), you will find all types of wonders.

These lovelies have been around to shop in stores, get groceries, do fancy tricks and roll sweetly inside burrito blankets. No matter what they do, though, it is for certain that they fully captivate our hearts. We want more, so they give us more!

And, if you think that’s impresive, wait until you see their special entry for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. These gorgeous poochs have brought their own competition to Instagram, and we are truly grateful.

99 Chihuahuas will keep on bringing you pups to die for, so make sure to keep an eye out for paw-some four-legged friends.

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