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Bad Breath in Chihuahuas and How to Fix it

Chihuahua bad breath

Are you the proud owner of a Chihuahua? I, as a dog lover, have had a dog ever since I was a kid. My whole family loves dogs, and we treat our pets with fantastic care, even if they have bad breath. But then again, who doesn’t?

As a responsible dog owner, I always make it a point to feed and clean my Chi. But, it’s not enough. There’s more to feeding, bathing, and walking your dogs. For those who also love and own dogs (like me), it is important for you to know why they have bad breath and what causes it.

Tooth and gum problems are the most common medical condition of cats and dogs. This is because other health problems usually accompany bad breath in dogs. Even if bad breath in your pets does not bother you or you don’t find it offensive, it is still best to treat the problem.

Bad Breath -- More Than Poor Dental Hygiene

What Causes Bad Breath in Chihuahuas?

Tartar build-up surrounding the teeth of your dog is the most common cause of bad breath. Just like in our case, if small food particles are left in between our teeth, these food particles will decay, resulting in becoming a friendly environment for oral bacteria to grow. And when they grow, they become plaque.

Plaque and other oral infections are responsible for foul whiffs in dogs. In addition, plaque sticks to the base of teeth, causing inflammation and receding of gums. Eventually, these gum problems contribute to the foul smell of your dog’s breath.

Have you noticed that puppies have a different breath odor? I won’t say it’s stinky or offensive, but it’s just that it smells different. This is because young puppies that are shedding their baby teeth usually salivate and have bad breath.

Brushing your puppies’ mouth with water mixed with baking soda gives them relief and minimizes foul whiffs. In older pets, liver and kidney diseases usually affect the mouth; therefore, bad breath can be traced through organ failure. You can immediately identify if your dog has dental problems, for they usually drool.

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What Can You Do to Help?

The good news is that bad breath in dogs is treatable. You have to be observant to the health conditions of your pets. Here are several helpful tips in the treatment of bad breath in dogs:

  • Yearly general and dental check-ups help you monitor the condition of your dog, including bad breath.
  • To slow down the formation of plaque build-up, feed your pet with name-brand commercial pet food. In most instances, crunchy food helps massage gums and gradually removes tartar.
  • Feed your dog with chewy treats, bones, and the like, for they help minimize dental plaque.
  • Use mouthwash and sprays containing enzymes that dissolve plaque and help reduce bacteria. These are available in veterinary hospitals and pet shops.

Bad breath in dogs should not be taken for granted, which may lead to another serious problem. After all, our dog deserves the best treatment we can give to them as part of the family.

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