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Cacti Covered Chihuahua Makes a Full Recovery

Cacti Covered Cholla Charlie

Cacti is the plural form of “cactus”, and it was precisely what fully covered a tiny Chihuahua in Arizona.

12 News just made a story about the unfortunate Chi that was covered head to toe by cacti, and we are wowed. Luckily, the pooch made a full recovery, but his story is crazy, to say the least.

On July 22nd, local authorities found the sweet Chihuahua mix entirely covered by cholla cacti needles. And, if that weren’t enough, the poor fella also had to deal with cholla needles in the most uncomfortable of places, including his mouth and ears.

Cacti Covered ChollaCholla Charlie, as shot by 12 News

Even though the pup went through a lot, the Arizona Humane Society quickly came to the rescue. Immediately upon finding him, they performed a procedure to remove all the needles from his tiny body.

However, Cholla Charlie (named after this incident) took that like a champ. He withstood the extraction tools like a boss and put on a very brave face while doing so.

Now, almost a month later, Charlie is ready for some new adventures. His scars have all healed and his morale is better than ever. The rescued Chihuahua can’t wait for a new adventure, this time, with the help of a new family.

Because his fame has grown enormously since his little incident, Charlie’s prospective parents will now require an appointment to meet [and hopefully] adopt the pooch. Anyone interested can find him at AHS’ Everyday Adoption Center in the Scottsdale PetSmart on Miller Road and Camelback Road.

Good luck, Charlie!

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