Diabetes is a health situation so that it will present a number of different signs and symptoms for your pet Chihuahua. Diabetes most usually occurs in aged dogs, even though it is not unheard of for young Chihuahuas to expand the situation as well.

Your Chihuahua may be genetically predisposed to diabetes, as the situation is hereditary, and adults can skip it to their offspring. It is crucial for you to discover Chihuahua diabetes signs and symptoms to discover the contamination early in its improvement so that the right remedy can take place.

Excessive Water Consumption

Excessive water intake is one of the first symptoms that there can be something wrong together with your Chihuahua. You ought to usually try and monitor how a lot of water your puppy liquids on a normal foundation so that it is less difficult to decide if it is drinking greater water than ordinary.

You must think about that your dog is probable to drink more water naturally at some stage in periods of hot climate or after durations of workout and play. However, if the immoderate water intake is consistent, you have to touch your veterinarian.

Excessive Urination

Dogs with diabetes will frequently urinate extra regularly than dogs now not stricken by the disease. Excessive urination in dogs with diabetes is not constantly the end result of common water intake, so you have to not rule out a hassle if you note your dog urinating extra after consuming too much water.

Dogs with diabetes mellitus can also urinate greater frequently without ingesting excess quantities of water. If you note your dog urinating extra frequently than usual or it begins to have “accidents” greater often, it could be a demonstration that there’s a health hassle that your vet wishes to investigate.

Increased Hunger with Weight Loss

Diabetes causes a deficiency of naturally taking place insulin within the body. Without insulin, the canine’s mind lacks critical sugars it desires to characteristic nicely. This sugar deficiency stimulates the brain to believe it is hungry, inflicting the canine to want to eat continuously.

Though the dog is consuming extra, the body will now not properly digest vitamins from the food, resulting in a steady decline of weight.


Dogs that are tormented by canine diabetes mellitus often develop cataracts, which can be because of excessive ranges of water in the lens of the eye.

The presence of a dog cataract reasons a small opaque white area in the lens of the attention that, if left untreated, might also affect the complete shape of the attention.

Chihuahuas that expand dog cataracts as a result of diabetes will have both conditions treated separately, as treatment of diabetes will not stop the spread of the cataract.

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