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Chihuahua, Lashes and a Woman

Chihuahua rips eyelid off woman

Warning: The ‘Chihuahua Rips Entire Eyelid Off of Woman” contains disturbing images that may be worrying for some.

Listen, we’re not ones to engage with harmful portrayals of Chis. But, when a Chihuahua rips an entire eyelid off humans, we need to spread awareness about what led to that.

A 23-year-old woman in Atlanta, Georgia, shocked us all when we heard that a Chihuahua had ripped her entire eyelid off. But how in the world did that happen?

Salmon wanted to get an eyelash treatment for her birthday, but what happened next ruined it all. Even though she planned to celebrate on vacation to Hawaii, she spent her entire special day (and then some) on a hospital bed.

Since customers fully booked her personal technician, she went for an alternative she found on Instagram. As the NY Post reported, moments after her beauty treatment finished, the technician’s dog went berserk and ripped her eyelid off.

The Chihuahua ripped her eyelid entirely, so she underwent emergency surgery to reattach the flesh. This resulted in doctors leaving it sewn shut for 10 full days.

Salmon says she wants the “heartless” lash tech to take responsibility, starting with covering a mountain of medical bills — but instead, she says, the woman has blocked her.

She hasn’t reached out to her even once since the woman’s Chihuahua jumped up and bit off Salmon’s eyelid. Yes, complete with her new lashes.

Salmon wants to clarify that she’s not trying to get rich with a lawsuit; she wants her medical bills paid, which is the only reason why her family might sue the lash tech.

But the medical bills won’t be cheap — Salmon estimates the total could be $20,000 to $30,000, based on two ambulance trips she’s already taken and the reattachment surgery.

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