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Chihuahua Owner Stuffs Lost Pet as She Can’t Cope

Dog owner stuffs Chihuahua

For those of us who feed, clean, bathe, shelter, and love Chis to death, losing them can be quite traumatic. Kimmy Walker-Harris, a 40-year old devoted Chihuahua owner, was similarly devastated when Fifi, her mutt, had to be put down aged 13.

Since she couldn’t cope with not seeing Fifi again, Kimmy decided to go to the next step and stuff her lovely pet. This way, she could be with her forever.

Kimmy Walker-Harris, 40, had her cherished chihuahua died she had the pet stuffed

What may seem a bit weird to some is entirely natural for Kimmy, who put Fifi’s body in a freezer for an entire week. Then, the dog owner paid a taxidermist around $550 to preserve the family Chihuahua.

She now places the stuffed pet in her usual chair, where Fifi always used to sit. Kimmy says that she wakes up each morning stroking her hair and saying hello to the pup.

Kimmy also told the Sun that she buried her previous pets, but Fifi was way to special for her family to receive the same treatment.

Remembering their sweet moments together, Kimmy says that Fifi was a small dog with a huge personality. “I always speak to her and tell her about my day, even though she’s not here”

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Kimmy explained: 'Fifi was a small dog with the biggest personality — she was just the best dog ever'

Source: The Sun UK.

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