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Chihuahua Shows Off English Accent

Chihuahua shows off English accent

A viral TikTok where a Chihuahua shows fantastic grasp of the English accent is making the rounds all over the web, and we simply love it.

Let’s get something clear; Chihuahuas have amazing characters. On our blog, we talked about them confusing fingers for sausages, throwing tantrums for lack of attention, and giving interviews. Today, we came across something similar: a Chihuahua with an English accent.

Humor us for a minute. Can you imagine dogs having their own accents, just like us? That would be hilarious, especially considering Chi’s tiny physique.

In the video posted by @pawmasterdoggrooming, you can hear the adorable little pooch muttering what sounds very much like he’s saying hello.

And once you watch the video, you won’t be able to unhear it.

The on-screen caption read: “My Chihuahua can speak with an English accent.”

This video has gone viral on the video-sharing site, clearly because people are amazed at this little dog’s human-like voice. This video now has 5.7 million views, 1.6 million likes, and thousands of comments.

The online community welcomed the adorable pup with love and affection, partly because its cuteness is amazing.

I mean, the Chihuahua shows clear signs of posh-speak. If you don’t believe us, judge for yourself!


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