Some people want a dog that can keep up with their active lifestyle or become a patient companion for their kids. Others want a dog they can form a special bond with. Chihuahuas are known for their friendly disposition and saucy personality, but are Chihuahuas loyal?

What’s a Chihuahua like?

Chihuahuas may be tiny, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in attitude. These diminutive dogs think of themselves as big animals, which is why they get a reputation for being bossy and mean. They don’t hesitate to show aggression or displeasure by yapping incessantly, which can annoy your neighbors.

Chihuahuas tend to act like they’re the boss. If you don’t teach them their place, they will rule the house. They’re also charming and cute, which means they often get away with being little tyrants.

Despite the Chihuahua’s tendency to be a little menace, there’s just something irresistible about the little mutt. Not many people can resist this breed’s charm, sassy expression, and an adorable face. Chihuahuas are also highly intelligent and alert, which makes them a joy to train.

Aside from their sass and smarts, Chihuahuas are known for being devoted to their owners. Generally, these tiny dogs are affectionate. They thrive on attention and enjoy the company of their favorite humans.

Are Chihuahua pups loyal?

Some dogs will endure the attention of anyone who crosses their path. They will be affectionate towards anyone who gives them a treat or a nose rub. But not the Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas are loyal companions, so much so that they’re often described as “clingy.” According to the American Kennel Club, these adorable dogs are “enormously loyal and loving.” Chihuahuas form intense bonds with their humans and love being with them 24/7.

These dogs get very attached to their owners. They tend to favor certain people and will sometimes exclude other members of their human family. They are immediately distrustful of unfamiliar humans and can become aggressive when confronted by strangers.

When it comes to other animals, these dogs are “clannish” and prefer being around other Chihuahuas. If trained and socialized early, Chihuahuas can also form bonds with other dogs and even cats and other household pets. But if they are not trained from a young age, Chihuahuas can grow up to be either fearful or ferocious.

Chihuahuas instinctively guard their owners against any person or animal they perceive as a threat. These dogs love hard, and their loyalty is endless. If you are about to acquire a Chihuahua pup, here are some tips for bonding with your new pooch:

How to forge a closer bond with your Chihuahua

  • The best way to ensure a good relationship with your Chihuahua is to care for it well. Make sure your pooch gets nutritious and age-appropriate food, a safe and comfortable environment, regular exercise, and lots of TLC.
  • Begin bonding with your Chihuahua as soon as you bring him home. Even if he’s only a few weeks old, work on establishing healthy boundaries as soon as possible.
  • Talk to your dog as often as you can. Studies have shown that when you speak to your pet in a happy or silly tone, you strengthen your bond. It doesn’t matter what you talk about as long as you do so in a calm and friendly voice.
  • With some exceptions, Chihuahuas generally love being petted. These tiny pooches love a soothing touch. To bond with your Chihuahua, pet him as often as you can.
  • If your Chihuahua moves away or whines while being petted, it could mean that there are certain parts of his body that he doesn’t want to be touched. Or maybe you are too rough or you’re hugging him too tightly.
  • Especially when he is little or new to your home, don’t come at your Chihuahua from behind. Reach out from the front or the side. Before you pet him, let him sniff your hand.
  • Don’t force your dog to be petted. Don’t pull his tail and don’t hug him against his will. Don’t ever make him feel cornered or threatened as this will lead him to fear you.
  • Teach your children and your visitors on how to interact with your Chihuahua.
  • Chihuahuas love belly rubs. They love it when you scratch their ears and under their chin.
  • Training offers a good opportunity to bond with your Chihuahua. Teach your pup a new trick or command every now and then. This activity requires teamwork and trust and establishes a connection between dog and humans.
  • Play games with him. Chihuahuas love playing hide and seek, fetch, and other games. Be careful when playing with your Chihuahua as they are easily injured.
  • Are Chihuahuas loyal? You bet they are! These lovable pint-sized dogs are some of the most devoted dog breeds in the world and you’re lucky if you have one.

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