Coco Chanel: The Fashionista Chihuahua

Coco Chanel Chihuahua

For our Filipino followers, Matanglawin doesn’t come as a surprise. For other international friends that aren’t up to date, we ought to let y’all know that Matanglawin is an educational program that teaches new information in each episode. Yes, such information that features Coco Chanel as well.

A while ago, Matanglawin starred a wonderful cast member that goes by Coco Chanel. Yes, the mega-famous fashion icon was resurrected in an animal that truly captures her essence: a lovely Chihuahua.

This Chihuahua had no problems with stealing the spotlight, as he quickly became the star of the show. The Matanglawin episode that featured him started by discussing pet fashion shows in the Philippines and the United States. And, who is more fit to represent them than a Chihuahua called Coco Chanel?

The adorable fashionista took the stage by struttin’ and tuttin’ around the runway with flamboyant outfits to die for. Even though we can’t comprehend how anyone would be comfortable in such attire, Coco Chanel had no problems with embodying what fashion is all about: glamor!

From fancy sweater vests to beautiful princess dresses, Coco Chanel showed us that when it comes to being a star, we got a true contender behind the veil. Thank you, Coco!

If you want to see all the excellence that Coco has to offer, along with some crazily awesome information about how the world works, we suggest you give Matanglawin a chance. This specific episode talks about pet passports and other docs required for travel, so have a blast!

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