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Couple Believes Senior Dog Held Out to See Baby

couple adopts 17 year old pup

Beth and Michael Clark are the kind of couple that donates all they can to help dogs in need.

But, after a trip to Anne Arundel County, they brought a surprise along.

The couple made eye contact with a sad-looking 17-year-old dog called Rocky and couldn’t leave him.

“I saw this gray-faced, skinny dog and I said to my husband, ‘We’re getting him,’” Beth told Today.

“Rocky made our life very complete,” she said.

“He loved dancing with us and being near us. It got harder for him to climb the stairs and go on walks, so my husband would carry him up the stairs every night. He loved being near us”

Opening Hearts to Senior Dogs

Robin Catlett, an administrator at Anne Arundel County, said that more families are adopting senior dogs now.

“It takes a special family to open their heart and home to an animal that they may only get to have in their lives for a short period of time,” said Robin. “We do our best to make the animals as comfortable as possible in our care. However, we know this can never replace a forever home.

When Beth found out she was pregnant, she was overjoyed. The bigger she got, the gentler Rocky was with her. He was a huge support system for the Maryland mom-to-be.

A Couple of Ups and Downs

The couple announced their pregnancy with a picture of a Rocky and a sign above which read, “Mom and Dad are getting me a human!”

But, when Beth was 7 months pregnant, Rocky’s health started to fail. They were told their sweet senior dog may have a tumor.

The day Beth and Michael brought their new baby girl home, Rocky sniffed her and put his head near hers. It was a precious moment, but Rocky was ill.

“I called a vet and that night, he went peacefully with his family by him,” Beth told Today.

“We loved him more than words can describe and we still have a very hard time adjusting to him not being here.”

The Clarks believe that Rocky held on to meet his new human sister.

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