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Drum-Playing Chihuahua Takes the Stage

Drum-playing Chihuahua

When was the last time you saw a drum-playing Chihuahua that completely took you by surprise?

Earlier this week, we received a video at I Love Chihuahuas, and we haven’t been able to recover since.

An adorable, tiny, white-coated Chihuahua left us all speechless, first with its cuteness, and then with its amazing drum-playing skills.

In fact, the adorable Chihuahua seems just as starstruck by himself, since the beautiful artwork shows the pup amazed at his own skill.

Even though he’s directed by a very patient man holding his paws in place, it is obvious that the real star of the show is no one other than the white-coated cutie.

You can find the notorious video below, as it was posted by @murat_noyan.

The Chihuahua video has since then been re-shared by thousands of people, many of whom are just as excited to see a sweet-looking pup act like a virtuoso.

However, many commenters also noted that the Chihuahua looks rather uncomfortable, but who’s to say? Aren’t we all witnesses that Chis are some of the sassiest creatures?

If we had to take a guess, we would say that this beautiful pooch is unimpressed at best. What do you think?

If you want to see more Chihuahua-loving content, then we urge you to visit our platform. There’s much more of where this one came from!

What do you think?