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Ferocious Chi isn’t Happy with Street Performer

Ferocious Chi

Manchester, the glorious land in the United Kingdom, had a great laugh this week. Bella, a tiny but ferocious Chi was apparently not too pleased with a street performer who was in it for the laughs.

The TikTok user bellachihuahuadog has received a fantastic online outpour following her adorable strut in the street of Manchester. The green-leathered performer is seen reaching out to the sweet Chihuahua for a kiss, but the pup simply wouldn’t have it.

After attempting some more, the performer kept dancing around the square hoping to get the attention of the lovely dog. But, to no avail.

Bella, the wonderful pooch, continues by barking senselessly to the man as if trying to say “Get away from me, hooman! Don’t you see how mighty I am?”

Luckily, the street performer thinks this is adorable and laughs it off. After all, who wouldn’t want a ferocious Chi telling them off like this?


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If you can’t have enough of Bella, we suggest you give her TikTok account a very warm welcome. Alternatively, if you’re more of a pictures person, you can find the adorable Chi at bellachihuahuadog.

Careful though, as we won’t hold any responsibility if you collapse from the cuteness. Or, get an excessive need to adopt a similar pup. For real, though, keep fighting the good fight, because there are many tiny Chihuahuas who are waiting to be adopted by darling people such as yourself.

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