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German Police Save a Chihuahua’s Life

German Police save Chihuahua

Hamburg may be known for many things, but the German city has recently made the headlines for a Chihuahua-related story.

Indiana Gazette reports that the law enforcement in Hamburg saw a Chi in distress, and they knew that they had to act fast. Claiming that no job is too small, they immediately got their doctor shoes on when a distraught girl came to them in full force.

According to the German police, the girl was holding a Chihuahua that apparently stopped breathing after she accidentally dropped her.

Luckily, the police wasted no time and began performing CPR for the tiny pooch’s heart. They continued their emergency services all the way to the vet, and fortunately, they managed to save the Chi.

Massaging the tiny heart of a Chihuahua wasn’t on their schedule, but not all heroes wear capes. After they left the pup in the vet clinic, they were happy to know that they saved a poor baby’s heart.

Later that day, the precinct got a call from the same clinic. The Chihuahua is in stable condition. Understandably, the pup suffered some shock from the fall, but the vets reported that all is well now.

With that in mind, we express our greatest gratitude to the police officers who knew what they had to do to save a helpless creature’s life. We are happy to report that both the pup and the girl are good now, and we urge all dog owners to be extra careful with their tiny pups.

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