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High School Cross-Country Team Runs with Pups

high school kids and shelter pups

A few years back, the cross-country running team at St. Joseph High School decided they’d invite their local shelter dogs for a run.

The Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter was happy to let their dogs get some sun and stretch their legs. The high school kids were ecstatic.

By all accounts, it was a blast, and team coach Luis Escobar wrote on Facebook. “I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun… the dogs or the kids.”

Thousands of people saw that video, including runners and coaches at other schools.

“After we got back, I posted something about it on our Facebook page,” Escobar told the Santa Maria Times. “Almost immediately, it got hundreds of shares and thousands of likes. I got calls from coaches and athletic directors across the country asking about it.”

What began as a fun run with the local shelter dogs looks spread to schools all over.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services/Facebook

The run was a local success, too, and the students have already taken the dogs out for a second run.

I couldn’t be happier because it’s great for the dogs and it gets them out into the community. It also increases the chances for people to adopt them.

As Escobar said, “It’s a win-win situation. The dogs get good exercise, and the kids get exposed to the dogs. Maybe they talk about it with their parents and friends, and maybe the dogs become more adoptable.”

Enjoy the inspiring video below as you ponder whether or not it’s time to adopt.

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