Chihuahuas are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. These little pooches are energetic and feisty. For new owners and for those interested in getting one, “can Chihuahuas be trained” is a serious question.

Importance of Dog Training

Before anything else, let’s dive into why you should train your Chihuahua.

Training a dog is essential once you’re a dog owner. Although dogs have been domesticated for a long time, your pooch still has a wild side embedded in their DNA. Your dog will develop unruly behavior without training.

That said, dog training is to tame that wild and unruly side of your pet. Put it like this, a trained dog will listen and obey a simple command like “stay.” Meanwhile, an untrained one will not.

In addition, training your dog physically and mentally helps keep them healthy. Many forget about this often, but it’s something you should always keep in mind. Even an hour every day of physical and mental training will help tremendously.

You can also train them to be social towards other animals, especially dogs, as well as other people. This helps ensure they do not pose a threat to anyone or anything.

Can Chihuahuas Be Trained?

Once again, we ask, can Chihuahuas be trained?

Dogs are very intelligent creatures. That’s what makes them easy to train. So yes, you can definitely train your Chihuahuas.

You can train them to urinate or poo outside or in a designated area. You can train them basic commands, and you can even train them for more complex ones.

However, every breed is different from another. Some are much easier to train. Unfortunately, you might have a little difficulty with your Chihuahuas, especially if you are not able to train them while they are still young.

Chihuahua’s Characteristics

The chihuahua has a possessive and dominant character. They have a big personality and can be aggressive sometimes, especially toward other dogs. They’re also highly intelligent.

These are the main reason why they can be a little stubborn sometimes. Being submissive is not in their book. For the duration of your training, there will be moments when they’d try to get what they want instead of listening to you.

According to the American Kennel Club, Chihuahuas seem to know they have an incredible charm. They can learn how to use this and charm you into letting them do whatever they please. If you let them be because of that, you’ll never get them to obey you totally.

However, these little pups are alert and willing to please their owners. You can use this to your advantage and learn how to train them the proper way.

How to Train Your Chihuahua

Here are things you should remember when you’re training your Chihuahua:

Establish boundaries.

Know and set boundaries in your home. Decide on sleeping arrangements and when and where they are not allowed to be.

For example, they are allowed to sleep in your bed but aren’t allowed on the couch. Or perhaps they aren’t allowed to be in the bathroom with you. These boundaries will help you with training them.

Be firm but gentle.

AKC also suggests that you enforce the idea that you are the one in charge. Learn how to be authoritative. Your little pooch should know that you are the leader of the pack.

For example, stand your ground in your decision not to let them climb up the couch. However, never harm them in any way, such as kicking or throwing things at them. You can be firm but gentle at the same time.

Choose a calm environment in training social skills.

Socialization is another important training for your Chihuahua. They normally want to spend time with dogs of the same breed. But it’s unlikely that they will never meet other dogs as well.

Training them to be social should start at a young age. They are more receptive when they are still pups. Make sure that they meet dogs that are well-mannered, calm, and friendly to other dogs.

A bad socialization experience can be traumatic for your dog. Every time they’d meet other dogs and even other animals, they’ll likely get aggressive or run away.

Also, make sure that they are in a safe and pleasant environment so your pup will feel comfortable.

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