Yesterday morning, i feel I hit a coffee point as a dog mom. If Gizmo knew what I did to her, which I laughed, she might never forgive me.

This precious thing came into my life while I used to be volunteering at Alaqua Animal Refuge in 2013. She was a part of the most important hoarding case that they had ever taken in.

There were 97 dogs trapped during a single-wide trailer. They were covered in feces, urine, and fleas… so who knows what she’s been through BK. (Before Kelly)

Now, she is happily living with myself and her sister Trixie in my 24′ Travel Trailer. We live out West on public lands with many walking/running space.

But Let’s mention The Fart Factor…

When Gizmo The Chihuahua needs something, wish to go potty, she makes a peculiar little noise. It sounds tons sort of a baby alligator. Like, almost exactly.

It varies just a touch , but once I hear it, I IMMEDIATELY awaken.

Never heard a distressed baby alligator? Click below for ‘Gizmo’s’ sound. So thankfully, she asks to travel outside and potty. That’s GREAT.

But sometimes she does it, like, during hours that aren’t so cool. Like within the middle of the night. Getting up, letting her out, and having to BE out there together with her because it’s dark and there are predators who want to eat her, sucks.

Many times it’s super cold out. Sometimes there has been snow. No, I don’t like getting up and standing outside within the cold almost nightly .

Until now, i might always rise up because I don’t want her to travel within the RV. She ALWAYS goes, so she’s not lying about it.

She doesn’t just leave to explore. But lately, I’ve wondered…

‘Can She Hold It?’

So recently, I even have just been giving her my sharp little ‘Ahh!’ noise meaning ‘no’, and it seems to be working.

She usually crawls back in bed and that i return to sleep.

Which leads us to yesterday morning.

Gizzie was under the ‘kitchen’ table making her noise. Around 6 am. (Not too early but Momma wasn’t able to rise up .)

So I did my ‘Ahh!’ sound back at her. She persisted a touch . Not much. But enough.

A Little Background

Yeah, you would like a touch back story. this tiny dog is often scared of her own shadow. She weighs only 2.4 pounds.

TWO POINT FOUR pounds. When you’re counting ounces, you recognize something is small .

A fly could pick her up. When you’re that tiny , everything within the world may be a giant and theres a fear factor built-in.

I can’t blame her for being frightened of certain things.

But I don’t understand why she is scared of certain sounds.

For instance, fart sounds.

She will run cover if she gets the tiniest wind of that harmless sound.

(Get it? Wind?)

Come to consider it, this is often my second dog that’s frightened of farts.

Where have I gone wrong?

Now Back To The Fart…

That morning she didn’t suit my ‘Ahh!’ request. She kept annoying me together with her little alligator squeak.

Just then, I felt an incoming (outgoing?) fart build up .

An idea popped into my head. One that was shameful but might be equally hysterical.

Did I dare?

Would it be mean?

I thought ‘What if I let it rip and see if it snaps her out of asking to travel out.’

So I did. I farted. Hard.

It worked. The effect was INSTANTANEOUS.

The poor girl shot back over and crawled into bed and burrowed into her blanket…

and I almost died laughing…

‘Did i actually just do that’?

‘Did that basically just work’?


I laughed all day.

I laughed because it worked. Also, I knew she didn’t know what I had just done. But I knew. I got my way. Using gas as ammunition.

I almost didn’t want to post this because it might be interpreted as ‘mean’. Maybe I’ll even get a couple of hater/trolling comments. (sigh)

No, I even have never, ever used fear to regulate my Girls. Just this once. For the comedy factor.

Hey, it had been just potentially too funny to not try. She didn’t know where it came from! She didn’t know I did it, or why.

She’s OK!

Still, I felt dirty afterward, like ‘Did I just use a fart to regulate my chihuahua?’

I did.

I’ve ‘made it up’ to her with many love and walks and kisses. (The usual)

I hope my use of gas that just one occasion doesn’t traumatize my Chi for all times . 😂 (I’m joking, of course. She’s fine.)

I love that tiny girl with all of my heart! She (and Trixie) bring a boatload of joy into my life.

I think they need a really good life and that i am lucky they chose me to be their life hostess.

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