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Kittens: A Chihuauha’s Best Friends

A Chihuahua and his kittens

A Tweet has recently shown an adorable Chihuahua making friends with its arch nemesis’: a bunch of small kittens.

We’re all accustomed to the old stereotypes that cats and dogs don’t go well together. That stereotype goes even deeper when you take Chihuahuas into account because let’s face it: they’re little demons.

However, Twitter user @buitengebieden has sent all those stereotypes down the drain. In a video posted on June 26th, we can see a beige Chihuahua looking incredibly relaxed between friends.

The little pooch seemed to be hovering on clouds after getting all that attention from his feline buds. After all, we’re not really strangers to Chihuahuas’ excessive need to be in the spotlight.

The online commenters under the tweet couldn’t stop the downpour of love for the sweet Chi and his kittens. One commenter wrote: “I used to be a dog-monster. The kids of today are scared of nothing”, as a reference to the stereotype.

Other commenters also shared pictures of their own sweet duos, proving to us once again that friendship truly knows no bounds.

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