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Little Dog Recorded Admiring the Falling Rain

Little dog

People always say that the best things in life are the little ones. This has proved to be true, for a little dog was shown having precious time under the rain.

LADbible has recently posted an adorable video, in which a tiny pup is sitting out in the rain.

Despite the weather being terrible, the pup doesn’t mind. The little dog barely moves his body, while raindrops fall onto him.

After all, why would he, when life is so beautiful?

Ever since it was posted, this video reached over 1.8 million likes from dog-lovers around the world. Everyone seems to appreciate how nonchalant this little dog is, compared to the heavy rainfall on top of him.

The pup’s owner explained how the tiny sweetheart always does this, and it brings a smile to his face. Seeing animals appreciate life makes you think, especially when there are entire humans who don’t do that.

We thank this pup for showing us the value of life, and we leave you to enjoy the sweet video that is being appreciated by many.

Remember, enjoy the little things in life, before they are taken from you. Be more like this little dog. Life will seem better.

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