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Mimi the Chihuahua and the Rise of Dognapping

Mimi Chihuahua

In Te Puke, New Zealand, a couple has been shocked to their core as they reported that someone stole their senior Chihuahua called Mimi.

Emma Huamash and Lawrence Charles told the New Zealand Herald that they found out their 12-year-old Chihuahua was missing at 10 am on a regular Friday.

Their tiny Chihuahua was usually comfortably rested on its bed by the fireplace. So when Emma didn’t see Mimi there, she was immediately devastated.

“For some people, it is just a dog, but not for everyone. It’s just too much for me.”

The couple had reportedly moved to NZ from the US 10 years ago when Mimi was just two. It was a strenuous and expensive task to import the dog into the country. But, it was worth it for Emma as she knew no one else in New Zealand to begin with.

Now, ten years later, the family is parted with the pup in the most gruesome manner. Lawrence said the panic started to set in when he came home on Friday to find out Mimi was gone. He then rushed to get flyers printed and to post on Facebook pages.

But so far there have been no leads.

“Our only conclusion is that either somebody took her thinking she was a lost doggy, or somebody took her just to steal her and sell her elsewhere in the community, because she’s never left for more than an hour.”

For the length of the weekend, the couple and their two daughters continued to post flyers. They also searched neighboring parks and streets, call the pound and even check under their deck and bushes in the area in case she had died.

Emma fears someone may have stolen Mimi thinking she was a baby due to her size.

Her owner believes the 12-year-old dog was confused for a puppy. Photo / Supplied

Why Are Dogs Like Mimi Being Stolen?

A police spokesman said dogs were generally stolen because of the value.

“Contrary to popular belief, most pets are not stolen for fighting purposes, but due to their potential value when resold.

“This is particularly likely where the theft involves a young, purebred animal.”

He said the theft of animals could be devastating for their owners and families, as many are regarded as family members, and police took the reports seriously.

“Regardless of what is being stolen, theft is usually an opportunistic crime. The best thing you can do to prevent a pet from being stolen is to reduce the number of opportunities an ill-intentioned person may have to steal it.”

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