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Missing Pup Returns by Ringing the Bell

missing dog returns home

When a dog goes missing, it usually feels like the end of the world. But you must stay strong because you never know when they’ll come back.

We recently saw an adorable story that started with a scared dog running away. Thankfully, she made her way home in the most unexpected way.

Mary Lynn from South Carolina is the owner of a dog named Rajah.

Like all dogs, Rajah is scared of fireworks. When those mischievous things started going off, she ran along with them.

“She was in the backyard with our other dog and our neighbour started shooting off fireworks and I knew she’d be scared,” Mary told SWNS. “I went to the backyard – and she was gone.”

For the rest of the night, Mary and her husband searched the neighborhood for their missing dog.

After hours of searching, they went to bed. But at 3 am, they heard the doorbell ring and it was Rajah!

Rajah had been off on her own for over 7 hours, but as soon as she got home, she knew what to do.

“I don’t even know how she knew how to do that, I’ve never shown her how,” Mary said.

“She doesn’t go out in the front yard, so she’s never seen us use the doorbell.”

Luckily, Ryan was still awake when Rajah rang the bell.

“She had thorns on her and seemed to have rolled in poop,” Mary told SWNS. “So, it seems like she had a great time.”

They were thrilled to have her home. You can see the viral video below.

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