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Police Officer’s Finger Gets Confused for a Sausage

Police Officer's Bite

One thing about Chihuahuas is that you can find their mischievousness on all breeds. Earlier this week, a police officer’s heroism was brought to life in Röntgenstrasse, Germany, when he got a call from a concerned woman. She said that she found an abandoned Chihuahua that looked quite frightened of her.

The tiny pup was reportedly walking around a hospital alley when the woman tried to approach him. The puppy looked very tense while trying to protect himself from stranger danger. Seeing this, the woman then called the local authorities, who were quite keen to help the furry baby.

With good persuasion skills and a snack granted from the nurses at the hospital, the police officer managed to load the Chi into a carrier box. Of course, the little devil wasn’t so happy about that, as he quickly bit the officer to protect himself. Despite his efforts, they managed to load the Chihuahua inside.

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Luckily, the police officer’s reaction was nothing short of amusement. He suspects that the Chihuahua mistook his finger for a sausage, which resulted in the bite. He then took the little beast into the local shelter, where he will hopefully find a nice little family for encouraging his mischievous deeds.

 Source: SUEDKURIER Germany.

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