Pups of the Week: Bear, Moose, and Dust Bunny

Pups of the Week - Week 1

Earlier this week, we asked our lovely readers to invite us into their lives and share little bits of happiness for the world to see. That was part of our Pups of the Week campaign, where we feature some adorable Chihuahuas along with their stories.

Luckily, many of the dog lovers who frequent the page reached out, and they told us all about their pups. Some gave us tearjerkers, some gave us funny stories, but all of them gave us a warm spot in our hearts.

Meet the Pups of the Week

Young Ben and his Chihuahua Bear

The first Pups of the Week are Bear, Moose, and Dust Bunny, which not only share adorable names but also the same household. Their owner told us all about how each Chi affected his life, and we’re sure that many of you can agree.

Even though Ben is now an adult and he got his first-ever pup many years ago, he remembers everything about Bear quite clearly. He says that Bear was actually the one who saved his life when Ben was about four to six years old.

He recalls how a larger breed (mutts or pits) had just gotten out of rabies quarantine, and they attacked all the livestock in the area. When they approached little Ben, he didn’t have to worry about a thing. Courageous Bear had already gotten his paws up, holding off the large dogs until Ben’s dad came to the rescue. After all, size really doesn’t matter.

Moose, cuddling up with his “stolen” Christmas blanket

The second pup is Moose, the “mischievous genius”. Not long after he was adopted, Moose learned how to open doors.

“He’d jump up and grab it with his mouth. Then push off with his paws, then turn his head and knob with it.

It wasn’t a surprise that he taught himself CPR also” – explains Ben.

Light Amidst Darkness

The third and current puppy that lives with Ben is Dust Bunny, the white-coated angel that made everything better. The sweetheart, as Ben explains, came exactly at the right time, as Ben was already struggling with bouts of depression.

He recalls a touching episode where the [then] four-month-old puppy literally jumped onto Ben like a ray of sunshine in the darkness. Ben explains how he was really down and about, and he suddenly hears an odd sound coming from his bedroom.

When he goes to check, he sees Dust Bunny take a huge leap out of his queen-sized bed, which he’s still unsure of how he got up there. Then, the beautiful puppy jumps up Ben’s leg, goes up to his chest, and starts crying.

Dust Bunny, snuggled up for movie night

It was right when Ben realized that this is one special pup, and he got on to comfort the poor pup. Our protagonist had promised Dust Bunny that they’d be best friends forever, and that promise, he took seriously.

Ever since that day, Ben and Dust Bunny are inseparable. They buy groceries together, they play, they snuggle, and they enjoy the best that life has to offer. After all, pups are true blessings.

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