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Saginaw Man Brought to Court

Saginaw man brought to court

A few months back, the Saginaw police got a few anonymous tips about something wicked going on in a random-looking neighborhood. When they went into the house, they saw a child playing with a lifeless animal as if it were a toy.

Even though horrendous, the story doesn’t end there. Back in November, when they first started the lookout, the police shocked the 2000 Block of Cooper Avenue. The neighborhood had reported the weird house for a domestic disturbance, without even knowing what was happening inside.

According to Mlive, when the officers got there, they requested assistance from Saginaw County Animal Care & Control Center officers. This was because they saw “a deceased dog that a young child — approximately 3 to 4 years old — was carrying around by one leg as though it was some stuffed animal toy.”

Needless to say, they also contacted Child Protection Services.

The Saginaw Family and their Pets

After they got the tip, the Animal Control officers got a search warrant for the entire house. They reportedly seized two adult Chihuahua dogs, one puppy, more than 30 fish, a turtle, and a hamster. Of the two adult dogs, one was pregnant, and the other had recently delivered a litter of two.

The animals, the child, and everyone else living in that house had been through some extremely terrible conditions.

After the search, the law enforcement immediately arrested the dad – Anthony J. Kesemeyer, aged 37.

Now, Kesemeyer is arraigned on a count of cruelty to 4 – 10 animals. According to the law, this felony is punishable by up to two years’ incarceration, a $2,000 fine, and 300 hours of community service.

Ever since the authorities have moved the animals into foster homes and where people are taking proper care of them. As for the kid, there have been no charges of child abuse or neglect.

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