Should Chihuahuas Sleep with their Owners?

Should Chihuahuas sleep with their owners
Should Chihuahuas sleep with their owners

Before owning my first dog, I saw movies about dogs and all the fantastic stuff they did as owners and pets. For example: To have dogs who sleep in bed with you. However, at home, dogs were not allowed in beds. But, here’s what science says about the fact that Chihuahuas sleep with their owners.

In the last years, attitudes such as bed-sharing with dogs have changed. That is funny. Most friends know I prefer to sleep with my dogs rather than their boyfriends.

Even though times have changed, some people still do not accept their dogs to sleep with them. On the other hand, many spend every night with a dog. But should Chihuahuas sleep with their owners? And what does science say about it?

Can Chihuahuas Sleep with their Owners?
Can Chihuahuas Sleep with their Owners?

Do People Sleep with their Dogs?

AKC’s survey has shown that 45% of people sleep with their dogs. Moreover, a Harris Poll conducted in 2012 showed even higher results. 

This is not new for humans. Stone age men used to sleep with their dogs to feel protected and warm their dogs when winter arrived. Some other studies have demonstrated that these four-legged friends were not just hunting friends. But also valued for their warming qualities.

Can Chihuahuas Sleep with their Owners?

It is known that living and sharing your life with a dog brings many benefits to the owner, whether you sleep with your dog or not. 

Sleeping with your dog enhances the bond between humans and dogs. Moreover, sleeping with them is your best option if you spend the whole day working and want to share time with your dogs. It has been proved that sleeping with a dog helps you be more relaxed. You will also sleep better during the 6 or 8 hours required for good rest.

Studies have shown that petting and having close contact with animals improves your health. For example, it improves survival rates after life-threatening surgery.

If you are of those people who talk to dogs, talking to dogs decreases your blood pressure. Some others use pets as a relief from loneliness.

Scientists still don’t know how much has to be in contact between dogs and humans to have positive effects. But if something is needed, it’s close contact.

A dog in the garden or outdoors in the kennel will probably not help you improve your blood pressure or reduce your risk of a heart attack. However, a dog you could hug, sleep with, and spend time with, YES.

The Risks of Chihuahuas Sleeping with their Owners

Infections, sleep deprivation, and behavioral issues in dogs are some of the main concerns raised over sharing the bed. A highlighted report published in 2011 showed concerns about infections being passed from dogs to humans, and there were examples of people infected with plagues after sleeping with dogs.

It could have acquired 90% of these infections in close contact with these pets. Not necessary after sleeping with dogs. Scientists studying the phenomenon have said: “Zoonotic infections acquired by sleeping with a pet are uncommon.”

In conclusion, most infections and plagues humans get from living with pets are not because of sleeping with them but because of a lack of hygiene. 

Bathing your dog, cutting his hair, taking him to the vet, and taking care of his teeth care are some of the important things you as a dog owner should do. So, you will not get infected if you take care of your dog’s hygiene.

You only have to worry if you have a compromised immune system or are allergic to dogs’ hair; otherwise, do not worry.

Chihuahuas and Sleep Deprivation

An extensive survey on human-animal co-sleeping carried out by Scientist Bradley in Australia showed that the whole people who sleep with their dogs last longer trying to sleep. They were also more likely to wake up tired than those whose dogs were not allowed in the bedroom.

Despite this, those who allowed their dogs to sleep with them did not report feeling more tired, getting the same number of hours slept as the non-co-sleepers. As a result, sleeping with a dog does not cause sleep deprivation

However, the last judgment is yours, and it depends on your dog’s attitude and how well-educated they are.

Co-Sleeping and Chihuahua Behavior

People say that when owning a dog, you don’t have to let them use your favorite chair or sleep in your bed because they can turn into dominant or possessive dogs. However, in most cases, this is not true. As a result, letting him sleep on the bed will not put him in charge of the household.

That’s how Chihuahuas sleeping with their owners affect all involved parties.

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