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Singing Chihuahua in America’s Got Talent

Pam and her singing Chihuahua

Listen, the fact that you’re here already shows us that you’re a Chihuahua lover. You don’t need a dog-loving website to tell you that Chi’s are talented. However, we think that you will greatly enjoy this paw-some audition of a singing Chihuahua.

Pam recently wowed America’s Got Talent stage when she put the spotlight on her show-ready Chihuahua named Casper. You may think that’s funny, but it turns out Casper can actually sing quite well!

Pam said she would sing at home, and Casper would join in with squeaks and squawks before she realized he could actually sing.

The Judges Love the Singing Chihuahua

Pam has an excellent voice, but the real star of the show was definitely Casper. It seems like the decision to bring him on the show was a very wise one, as Sophia Vergara, one of the hosts, is absolutely in love with them.

“I think that was one of the most adorable things I’ve seen in a long time,” she said.

Simon Cowell was in the same boat, as he commented that: “If you can find a dog that could sing, you’d make a fortune.” And perhaps, she will.

Once the act began, Pam explained to Casper that he should only sing the song’s chorus. What’s even funnier is that the singing Chihuahua seemed to understand her completely, as he did just what she said when the song began.

If you want to see the judges cracking up and Casper taking the stage, we urge you to check out the audition tape below. But, we ought to warn you: You’ll fall in love with Chihuahuas even more!

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