Chihuahuas like to be warm and cozy.

Chihuahuas do not have a lot of body fat (hopefully) and very little hair unless they’re long-hair Chis. Nonetheless, we like to be warm and it’s very cozy under a blanket or two.

Completely Hidden

It should be perfectly safe for your Chihuahua to sleep under a blanket. It’s what we prefer, especially in Winter. As long as we have a way out, we won’t smother. Believe me, we want to be warm, not suffocated.

So many beds, so little time to nap

I love to sleep under my blankies. I have several. I also have several beds. My main, nighttime bed is next to my daddies’ big bed. It has high sides and three blankies, so it’s like a tent. I can run whenever I want to escape and can easily get out.

I also have a bed in my daddy’s home office. When I’m not on his lap or in my night bed, I’m often next to him in my office bed. He covers me with my blankie where I can burrow inside. If it’s too warm I can escape and sleep on top of the blankie.

There’s a pillow I adopted on the sofa. It’s fluffy and comfy. My daddies call it my “tuffet”. I don’t get it. But I often lay there. Although there’s another blankie for me next to the pillow, I have to wait to be covered or do without. This is a lighter blankie. Sometimes when I’m covered up and runoff, the blankie goes with me like a cape. There probably will be a picture of that here, someday.

Chihuahuas do not like to be disturbed while sleeping

I understand my dad’s previous Chihuahua slept in bed with him and was often completely under the covers. Like me, she got a bit grumpy when you disturbed her while she was sleeping. That’s probably why I have to sleep in my own bed next to the big bed. Also, it’s too high for me to get into and out of. Oh well, I have more freedom this way. Although I do understand they make stairs for Chihuahuas…


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