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Stray Chihuahua Finally Found a Match

Stray Chihuahua finds home

Even though Chihuahuas are some of the most popular dog breeds, there are still many stray pups wandering around. People suddenly discover that they can’t take care of them, and the poor Chis end up on the road, alone.

Similarly, a stray Chihuahua made the news when Danny, a rescuer from A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue sent The Dodo some heartwarming videos.

The mixed Chihuahua baby was a regular in Bakersfield, California. Locals say that she was out and about for months, and she wouldn’t respond to people’s calls.

Many nice folks tried to give her some food, treats, or even a nice pat at the back, but the sweet pup (named Honey!) wouldn’t have it.

Danny said that they first came to contact with Honey via social media, where they saw the Chi over and over again.

People were really trying, but they couldn’t, for the life of them, catch the precious dog.

Luckily, Danny was up for a challenge, so he carefully followed Honey around offering her nice little treats to win her heart.

He was quite patient, and his efforts were rewarded. The stray pup slowly started warming up to him and in no time, she decided to accept his advances.

What happened next is probably the dream of all dog-lovers. We have brought you the video to judge for yourself, but we must warn you: it is cute as hell!

Honey continues to live the life all puppies must live, filled with cuddles, kisses, and everything in between.

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