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Tiny Chihuahua Saved by Emergency Crew

Tiny Chihuahua is rescued

If there’s one thing we know about Chihuahuas is that they’re fierce, adventurous, and fearless. Even though that gets them through a lot of fun, sometimes it can also go south for the cute little mutts. That is the case with a tiny cutie in Pittsburg who got trapped in a very unfavorable location.

PS Dispatch first got a hold of the event yesterday, when people first reported dog whimpers in the area. The Pittston Township Police immediately went to the scene but saw that the location was a bit tricky.

Nevertheless, they spent all day trying to lure the tiny Chihuahua out with food and treats. However, the pup was quite scared of the rescuing tools and other pieces of equipment.

The land surrounding the trapped pup was quite unstable. So, they had to opt for a lumber piece to do the trick. Even though the crew was adamant about saving the mutt, they had to halt their operation due to the coming of nighttime.

Come next day, the Pittston Township Police Chief Lena Angelella told reporters that the lumber piece had indeed come victorious. They managed to rescue the adorable Chi, and later send him to the nearest shelter for examination.

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