Training Chihuahuas: Five Tips to Run With

Training a Chihuahua

Training a Chihuahua is just like training any other dog. You need patience, dedication, and some simple tactics that you can follow. To help with that, we’ve brought you five tips that will make you a pro in no time.

1. Get One Person to Do the Training

To avoid your dog getting confused and ensure that they can learn to recognize commands easily, only one person should be responsible for training. If too many people are trying to train a Chihuahua simultaneously, it can stop progress in its tracks and leave you disappointed.

However, you must note that this is only for the beginning of the training phase so that the pup can distinguish between the leader and the follower. You don’t want to have it the other way around, trust me.

2. Use Positive Reinforcements

It is essential for you to use positive reinforcements. If the Chihuahua does something good, you should reward this behavior, so he knows that what he did was right. If the dog cannot understand or follow your commands, never push him. Dogs are not as intelligent as humans; they make mistakes.

What you should understand is that they won’t easily understand your commands in just one teaching. Do not scold your Chi, as he might develop fear which will hinder his learning and willingness from being trained. You can use treats to encourage your dogs, although don’t overdo it.

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3. Take it Slow

You must never attempt to teach your Chihuahua several commands at a time. Try to teach your pup one command after the other, with considerable breaks in between. If he cannot absorb it, try to stay on that command only because adding additional commands will just confuse the dog. Start with the basics.

4. Be Cheerful While Training

In executing commands, you should keep your voice cheerful so that the dog will happily follow your commands. Dogs will respond to a low and coaxing voice. If you shout out loud, he may become startled and unresponsive.

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5. Keep it Interesting

Train your dog in various places. If you keep your dogs in a certain place like your home, they will not be able to adjust to new environments or people. Take your Chihuahua to the park or through the neighborhood. This will help your dog associate with other surroundings.

Training your Chihuahua can sometimes be tough, but it will be worth it. In the end, you will be the one to benefit when your dog is trained. Who knows, he might even save your life one day and pay back everything you taught him.

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