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Video: Chihuahua Can’t Stand her Competition

Chihuahua video

Chihuahuas make for the best comedians because they’re seldom aware of how funny they look. In this video posted by Local DVM, we had the absolute pleasure of falling in love with two hilarious Chis.

In the first video, Polly is flabbergasted by the audacity of her brother, Porter, who also wants to smooch his owner. She’s doing great minding her business when he just jumps over and totally overshadows her. How rude is that?

Poor Polly, though, she has no idea how funny she looks!

In the second video, we have a classic Chihuahua situation. Nugget the Chi finds her toy, throws it around, and hits his owner right in the face. Ouch! Still cute, though.

Luckily, Nugget is a very well-mannered Chihuahua, so he immediately jumps to his human to see if everything’s alright. Sorry about that!

Situations like these are probably not a rare experience for all of you Chi owners out there. These little angels are full of life and character, so it’s understandable that they make us laugh like this!

Please do enjoy these videos and head over to our blog for more Chi content. Be careful, though, as you may become too obsessed for your own good.

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