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Watch How this Chi Acts on a Wedding Ceremony

Chihuahua and Wedding

A wedding ceremony is a beautiful occurrence on its own. Love birds that tie the knot give us all hope for a brighter future. But, this wedding ceremony in Italy quickly went from 0 to 100. This happened when the star of the show – a Chihuahua – made an entrance.

The beautiful beige-colored Chihuahua didn’t have time to lose. He came with a mission, and it was to be the cutest pooch the world has ever seen.

Thanks to Wedding Dog Specialist, a wonderful wedding photographer – we get to see this lovely communion with Lion. In a video posted on the page’s IGTV, we get to see the Chihuahua prancing about as everyone gets ready for the wedding.

At first, we can see the pup in the bride’s room, rocking a beautiful tie collar that certainly made the groom quite jealous. The man of the hour then walks with an adoring human, who looks like he can’t believe the luck he has.

Lion is also present when the beautiful couple sees each other for the first time, and the moment is quite magical for all three of them. After all, whose hearts wouldn’t get overwhelmed when a creature this beautiful makes its way onto the altar?

As it turns out, the new family is ready to continue their lives, and we wish them and Lion nothing but more happiness. If you want to see the relentless cuteness that this Chi managed to bring to the table, we invite you to watch the IGTV video below.

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