Chihuahuas can shake or shiver for a variety of reasons, from natural excitement or fear to cold temperatures or even illness. While some shivering is expected and normal, abnormal trembling or shaking can indicate health issues in these small dogs that require medical attention.

Understand Your Chihuahua’s Normal Behavior.

Knowing your Chihuahua’s normal behavior can make it easier to identify when trembling is out of the ordinary. Consider your pooch’s usual mannerisms so that you can recognize if they are shaking more than usual. Chihuahuas may sometimes shake due to fear, excitement or even anticipation of a reward. So pay attention to the context in which your pet is shaking and compare it with their general behavior. It may help you figure out what’s causing the trembling.

Be Aware of Anxiety-Related Shaking.

Anxiety-related shivering is fairly common in Chihuahuas, especially when they are acting scared or stressed. An anxious pet may show signs of trembling or shaking, as well as panting and pacing. If your pup is visibly frightened by something loud or different, these could be sign of an underlying condition such as separation anxiety or fear of thunderstorms. In these cases, it’s important to work closely with a vet to identify any anxiety-related problems and determine the best course of treatment.

Check for Illness-Induced Tremors.

Although uncommon, trembling can also be caused by a health problem. If your pet seems to tremble or shiver more than usual, they could have an underlying medical issue. Tremors and shaking could be due to low blood sugar, pain or organ failure. It’s important to speak with a vet right away if you suspect any illness-caused tremors in order to get a diagnosis and create the most effective treatment plan for your pup.

Consider if the Temperature is Too Cold.

It’s especially important to check the temperature if your sprightly Chihuahua is shaking or trembling. Even though they’re adorned in a fluffy coat, these small dogs aren’t the best in subzero weather. Any temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit should be considered dangerous for Chihuahuas and require close monitoring by their humans. Consider using a sweater when it’s particularly chilly to keep your pup warm and safe.

Schedule a Veterinary Visit If Necessary.

If trembling in your Chihuahua persists even when they’re warm, then it’s important to see your veterinarian as soon as you can. In addition to cold temperatures, fear and anxiety, there are other possible causes of shaking such as age-related issues (e.g., arthritis or vestibular syndrome), seizures and various illnesses like hypoglycemia, distemper and distal myopathy. In some cases, a visit to the vet might be necessary for diagnosing and treating the condition.

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