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Woman Attaches Balloons to Keep Track of Her Chis

Woman ties balloons to Chihuahuas

TikTok is the land of wonders because it often lets us dive into amazing stories about funny men and women. In today’s edition, we have a wonderful woman who has come up with a fantastic idea: tying balloons to her chihuahuas so they’re always within her sight.

The funny life hack seems to be a lifesaver for Layla Tucker, who doesn’t have to worry about losing her tiny Chis anymore.

From all her TikToks on the laylatuckermusic account, the most famous one starts with a busy kitchen scenery, full of loud people. Just when you think to yourself about how loud it is, you see a green balloon entering a scene.


Definitely a life hack. #ADayInMyLife #4thOfJuly

♬ Frolic (From “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) – London Music Works

The adorable scenery followed by Frolic meets a sweet-looking pup that can barely hang onto dear life. Just kidding, he looks as comfy as ever.

Just as you think that you’ve seen everything, the kitchen hosts another set of Chis tied to helium balloons. The pups are not only exalted to be there. They also have a layer of protection that prevents people from stepping on them.

Layla, the woman who came up with this fantastic idea, has captioned the TikTok: “Definitely a life hack. #ADayInMyLife #4thOfJuly.”

Ever since its publication, this video has had over three million likes, 96 thousand shares, and thousands of hilarious comments. Followers from all around the world appreciated the pups’ nice little struts and even attempted to recreate them with their own dogs.

What do you think?

What do you think?