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Woman Takes Pictures of Officer & Dog, He Replies in the Cutest Way

Pictures of an officer and his friend

Hanging around in the airport and waiting for your flight to board can be gruesome. The long waiting periods, the noisy ambiance, and the rude people around definitely bring some feelings of dread. However, this woman has found the perfect way to pass the time: by taking pictures of a police officer and his dog.

The officer, Andre Cloyd, was patrolling on Love Field Airport along with his service dog, Zigi. The bond between man and pooch is strong with this one, as the two are “inseparable”.

As Andre was out and about, he took out his mobile phone and snapped a few selfies of him and Zigi. The pup was so cooperative that it’s hard to imagine these poses not being intentional.

Pictures taken at the airport

Afterward, Gina Anzaldua, the woman behind the masterpiece, captured the sweet moment of the two and posted it on the Dogspotting Society. The Facebook group was exalted to see such a sweet portrayal of love inside some seemingly simple pictures.

On her Facebook post, Gina wrote: “I just watched a cop at the airport taking a series of selfies with his dog and then stop to show him each one.”

After some users pointed out that the pup seemed to wear a service vest, they suggested that he is indeed his partner. Gina made sure to fix the status, as she added “I stand corrected, that sweet boi was his partner, not just a dog!”

The Legend Behind the Pictures

It didn’t take long after people showed their overwhelming love and support online. After some people tagged officer Cloyd, he quickly rose to the ranks and posted the selfies he took in the airport.

The result of the pictures

“They captured what’s just everyday life for us. We weren’t doing anything special,” the officer explained. “We take photos together, we watch movies together, we go to the gym together.”

More pup pictures!

To get paid to do something you’ve loved since the age of four, it’s a privilege, definitely. Zigi’s the star, but even more so, we’re just a small piece of a unit, a department, and a law enforcement community that does everything we can to ensure the safety of the passengers.”

How sweet is that?

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