As we know, Chihuahua’s are very playful little dogs, it’s always a excellent idea to have a number of amusing games you can play together. These games will also come in on hand on bad weather days as, similar to us, your Chihuahua won’t be overly happy to assignment out while it’s rainy, cold or windy. Take a look beneath at our ‘Top Ten Fun Games to Play’:

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This sport will by no means grow antique, all dogs, vintage and young, will constantly experience a recreation of fetch! You can play this with their favored toy, an old sock or something else your Chihuahua takes a flowery to.

Simply get your Chihuahua’s interest by waving the object in front of them until they may be ready to play… then throw it a quick distance and watch your Chihuahua acquire it. Remember to give a reward whilst your Chihuahua brings it again to you to make sure chronic enjoyment.

Hide and Seek.

As you could have studied in some of the opposite articles in this site, Chihuahua’s love to be around their preferred character so conceal and are looking for is a game that will preserve them amused for ages! Command your Chihuahua to ‘stay’ or ‘sit’ then burst off and hide then name their name for them to come back and find you… watch the sheer pleasure while your Chihuahua discovers where you are.

Find treats.

Hide some treats around the house and inspire your Chihuahua to discover them. This sport constantly has a happy finishing to your Chihuahua. If your Chihuahua is struggling to discover the treats then deliver them some hints, take into account to praise them for locating the prize!

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Which hand?

As with the ‘discover the treats’ game ‘which hand?’ recreation has just as satisfied a finishing. Simply conceal a deal within considered one of your arms and put them in front of your Chihuahua, it won’t be long till they parent out which hand is hiding it.

Three cups sport.

Again, like the previous two video games, this one entails treats so it will usually be a favorite! We’ve all visible magicians or performers hide something under considered one of 3 cups, blend them up, then ask you to find an appropriate cup, this recreation is precisely the equal, however, involves your Chihuahua and a treat.

To start with placed the deal with underneath a cup even as your Chihuahua watches then encourage them to suggest to that tumbler both with their nose or their paw. Once they’ve got the cling of it you may mix the cups as much as make it harder.

With any video games regarding treats, be careful no longer to present too many as treats ought to never replace the right meals.

Tug of warfare.

Chihuahua love to play, pounce, chase, and bite things. You will locate that your Chihuahua in all likelihood has favored toys, seize one and move it around in front of your Chihuahua until they take hold of it, gently pull backward and forward in a tug of battle motion. Let the toy go each so often, tricking your Chihuahua into wondering they’ve won, then grasp it returned and play some more.

Be careful now not to be too competitive as your Chihuahua has a totally fragile jaw and neck and we don’t want to hurt them. Your Chihuahua will normally illustrate to you the way much you could tug!

Laser pen.

A laser pen might be the satisfactory toy you may ever purchase your Chihuahua. Chihuahua’s, like most dogs, like to chase things, and due to their size, the smaller the item the better. Shine the laser close to for your Chihuahua and circulate it round, watch as your Chihuahua chases and attempts to capture the laser dot, circulate it around slowly then quickly, even ‘disguise’ it beneath the sofa, your Chihuahua will in no way get ill of this one!

Under and over the game.

Teaching your Chihuahua hints is superb for their intellectual stimulation however teaching a trick that requires movement is exceptional for each mental health and physical fitness. Find your self a small item of furniture, inclusive of a small stool or a child’s play chair, not anything too huge as you need your Chihuahua to leap over it.

Teach your Chihuahua to go ‘beneath’ or ‘over’, this may take a while initially however with lots of reward and fuss after they have accomplished both it’ll become an actually a laugh recreation.


This sport will burn some severe energy. Simply educate your Chihuahua to run ‘upstairs’ and run ‘downstairs’. To begin with, you can need to go to the top of the stairs and make contact with your Chihuahua up using the word ‘upstairs’ and the identical for ‘downstairs’, with lots of praise your Chihuahua will soon apprehend the recreation.

Once your Chihuahua has learned the phrases you must be able to look at from either the pinnacle or the bottom of the steps as your Chihuahua runs up and down.

Put the toys away.

Always a favored! Simply get your Chihuahua that will help you tidy. Use a word like ‘tidy up’, and teach them to position their toys away. Start via moving one among their toys very slightly away from where they may be generally saved and repeating the word ‘tidy up’ put the toy returned in which it belongs. Encourage your Chihuahua to do the same, when they get the hold of it you may be as thrilled as they’ll once they play the game!

Chihuahua’s will get no stop of pride through eye-catching you so getting to know video games and new hints are important for them, they may experience any new game you play together.

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