Chihuahua’s have very tiny paws and incredibly tiny nails that develop relatively fast so you’ll need to trim them down to keep your Chihuahua happy on their paws to remain nice and healthy.

What can happen to the back paw nails is that they sometimes start to curl into the pad oval, which can be incredibly uncomfortable for your Chihuahua.

If your Chihuahua does have any nails digging into their pads this may reason a break within the pores and skin and ought to likely result in infection if left unattended, when this happens it is encouraged which you searching for a remedy from your vet.

Your vet might be able to trim the nails back and bandage up the broken skin to make certain a pleasant wholesome recovery.

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As with any sort of training or grooming, it’s miles recommended which you begin trimming your Chihuahua’s nails early on. The same as every other breed, they may get used to things easier whilst they’re a puppy as it will become a part of their routine.
Here are some pinnacle guidelines on a way to trim your Chihuahua’s nails:

Here are some pinnacle guidelines on a way to trim your Chihuahua’s

Nail Trimmers

Always ensure you use the appropriate nail clippers to your canine. Never use human nails clippers as this could purpose a whole lot of discomfort in your Chihuahua. Dog nail clippers are designed in particular for dog nails, not like human nails that lay quite flat, canine nails have a tendency to be rounder and load thicker, therefore, need a specific clipper.

Human nail clippers are designed for flat nails and might weigh down your Chihuahua’s nails. Dog nail clippers will come in quite a few sorts and sizes, make certain you buy the precise ones suitable for the dimensions of your dog. If you are uncertain, you are seeking advice out of your vet or from one of the specialists that work in your neighborhood puppy store.


It is always an awesome idea to trim your Chihuahua’s nails after they have had some exercise as they may be worn-out and move less and can be more willing to be able to try. After a bathtub is additionally endorsed as their nails will melt slightly within the warm water making it less complicated if you want to trim them. A Chihuahua’s nails, although very tiny, can nonetheless be pretty tough and dense.

Sit Comfortably.

Make certain you’re sitting with no trouble with your Chihuahua and they may be quality and glad, the primary few times you try and trim their nails they will be apprehensive and a touch nervous as to what you’re doing. Remember to hold praising and petting your Chihuahua to make certain they recognize they’re being exact, this ought to lead to trimming is high-quality revel in.


You can in no way reassure your Chihuahua sufficient! Chihuahua responds well to you and in your emotions, by reassuring your Chihuahua you’ll place their thoughts at ease and ensure they recognize that everything that is taking place is good enough and nothing horrific will happen.
Try not to be anxious approximately trimming their nails, your Chihuahua will choose up on your anxiety in flip making them very anxious. They are very tuned into what you are feeling, so remain fine throughout, even if you have to reassure yourself as well as your Chihuahua.

Holding Your Chihuahuas Paw.

After making sure your Chihuahua is comfortable and you’ve got given them lots of reassurance take maintain of one in all their paws. Gently squeeze the middle of the pads to unfold the claws.

Take a observe the nail, within the nail all dogs have what is referred to as a ‘brief’, that is the red bit that you may see in the nail, that is in which blood vessels and nerves are, very similar to our nails. If trimmed too quickly you run the danger of clipping the short, this could bleed so be careful not to.

If your Chihuahua has black nails you may be not able to see the quick, be aware it is there even though you may see it. It is endorsed which you trim a completely small amount at a time, even supposing this means you need to trim the identical nail three to four instances, it’s far crucial to take some time and even greater crucial no longer to clip the short.

  • A true tip if you are uncertain where the fast is, is to gently squeeze the nail with the clippers without truly clipping, in case your Chihuahua yelps you’re probably too close to the fast so do not clip. As long because the nails are simply above the floor while your Chihuahua is standing then you will have clipped enough without getting fast. So, again, if you are unsure, stand your Chihuahua on the floor and check their nails.
  • Also, don’t forget to trim the dewclaw. This is the little nail determined a little also up to the interior in their paw. If the dewclaw will become too long it may capture on things and tear. All the same, apply to this claw, it also has a quick so trim little by little to ensure you omit it.
  • Don’t feel you need to trim all the nails at once, if your Chihuahua is beginning to get uncomfortable then prevent, you can usually strive again the following day. You want your Chihuahua to think about this as a fine revel in, if they grow to be confused or uncomfortable at any point you could discover it extra hard the following time you try.
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Praise them.

Praise is absolutely vital! You may want to even deliver them a little treat. Your Chihuahua has been superb and deserves to understand that, and of course, this all adds to the positive enjoy of having their nails trimmed making it less difficult the subsequent time.

What Happens If You Trim Too Much?

If you clip an excessive amount of the fast will bleed a touch, you may use a styptic powder so that you can act as a coagulant to prevent the bleeding. Alternatively, attempt a little flour on the cease of the nail to stop the bleeding.

Always recall that in case you are apprehensive or uncomfortable approximately trimming your Chihuahua’s nails then take them to your vet or a professional puppy grooming salon with a purpose to be capable of doing it for you. Never sense like you need to do it yourself if you are not satisfied too.

Top recommendations on what NOT to do:

  • Force your Chihuahua to sit nonetheless or limit them from moving. This can from time to time damage them.
  • Leave your Chihuahua’s nails to grow too long. The short gets longer because the nail does, making it very uncomfortable in your Chihuahua, as you trim the nail again the short can even recede, trim often to make sure the fast stays at the bottom of the nail.
  • Do no longer inform your Chihuahua off for not letting you trim their nails. This will most effectively make them careworn and more difficult paintings for you.
  • Be lazy or supply up. Getting your Chihuahua used to any kind of grooming will take time, you want to be patient.

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